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Папка Active songs Wake Up! School Assembly Song

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Week 1

Hello song

5 минут

Папка Active songs

Wake Up! School Assembly Song
Morning Activities

5 минут

The Monster Calls All Those Who…

This game works really well at the start of a lesson, and is very easy to explain and everyone gets a go.
Make a circle out of chairs, with one chair in the middle
The person in the middle says: “the monster calls all those people who have… (think of something that will apply to most of the children, for example blue eyes, bare feet, boys and so forth)”.
The people who that call applies to have to get up and move seats. The person who is last to take a new seat is now in the middle.
Continue this until everyone has had a go. Each time they must think of a new thing to call out.
You can change monster to anything that fits with your class.
Tip: Try to encourage kids that being the last one to find a seat is not good, otherwise they may try and lose on purpose, which isn’t good for the flow of the game.

Team play

10 минут

Moving Name
Get your group into a circle.
Say your name with a matching gesture and vocalisation. Samuel for instance could be signalled with two punches and spoken in a high pitched voice.
Once you have performed your name, the whole group mimics you. They must try to copy the way you said your name as well as the physical movement.
Continue this around the circle till each person has said their name.
Tip: the more whacky you set the standard the better result you’ll get from the students.
Tip: encourage the students not to think too much, but to jump straight it – looking stupid is mandatory.
Good manners practicing

Phonetics & reading

20 минут
Tongue Twisters
Фонетическая зарядка

Папка Resources, это скороговорки. Распечатка уже есть на рабочем месте


Play with sight words cards from page 7-11

Эта игра в нарезанных карточках лежит рядом с принтером на столе, дети берут по одной карточке каждый и придумывают предложения.

Word family – phase 3 (word families folder)

Папка wordFamily, phase 3, выбирай любую, только потом предупреди
Language Arts 1

30 минут

Внулки лежат слева от стола к кабинете.
Free Play 1

20 минут
Чтение “Diphthongs_and_R_Controlled_Vowels_Reading_Passages ”
Находится в папке BOOKS, страница 10, Зоопарк

Это мини-история

Lunch time

20 минут
Совместный перекус с обсуждением.

Good manners practicing

Групповая работа 2

25 минут
In the forest
Display one of the images of the forest on the board.
Have students look carefully at the image without talking. Have them notice the details they see.
Ask the students to describe what they see in the image, using the sentence stem, “I see____.” Have them focus on what they can see, not what they think they see. For example, “I see trees.”
Tell the class that they will now get to learn more about what they see in the pictures
Go out to the nearest woods and pick leaves from several different kinds of trees. Next put these leaves in a box and have your children group the leaves with similar ones. Leaves can be laminated in order to make them last longer. You can also do this with different pictures of leaves.

Listen to the sounds of forest, ask children what they can hear.

Если нет возможности все это собрать-распечатай листики разные, просто рисуйте лес и клейте раскрашенные листики

папка материалы 100_words_kids_need_to_read_by_2_grade_2003 , вклеиваем распечатку в тетрадь.

Папка BOOKS, страница 5. Это воркщит.

Language Arts 2

30 минут

Рисуем вулкан
Free Play

20 минут

action verbs

teach left / right / forward / back

Lunch time

20 минут
Совместный перекус с обсуждением.
Drama time

15 минут

Повторяем театр слона, сценарий ниже
Повторение ролей с каждым ребенком отдельно.

Goodbay song
Active songs
Уход домой или обед
Напоминаем родителям повторять дома роли.

(Rita)Рассказчик (Narrator )


Long, l-o-o-o-ng ago, elephants had no trunks. They had only black noses. At that time, a very little elephant lived with his family in Africa. The little elephant asked questions about everything.

(The elephants is coming on stage.)

(Artyom)Elephant: Hello! (Monkey is appearing on stage, the elephant is saying hello to her.)
(Artyom)Elephant: Hello! I'm an elephant. Look! I have a little nose. And you?
(Vika)Monkey: Hello, Little Elephant! I am a monkey, I have a long tail, and I like to eat bananas!
(Artyom)Elephant: (curiously) what the crocodile eats for dinner?
(the monkey brings his finger to his lips, and angrily asking the elephant to stop talking.)
(Vika)Monkey: I can’t help you! Go away! Go to the Limpopo River, and find him!
(The elephant with a little insult going to the stage’s corner. The monkey is gone and then a giraffe appears.)
(Artyom)Elephant: Hello! I'm an elephant. Look! I have a little nose. And you?
(Samira)Giraffe: Hello, Little Elephant! I am a giraffe and I have a long neck. I like to eat leaves!
(Artyom)Elephant: What the crocodile eats?
(the giraffe brings his finger to his lips, and angrily asking the elephant to stop talking.)
(Samira)Giraffe: What a silly question! Go away! Go to the Limpopo River, and find him!
(The elephant with a little insult going out to the stage’s corner. Giraffe is going out from stage.)
(Artyom)Elephant: (disappointedly makes a helpless gesture) Nobody wants to tell me.
(The bird appears on stage, flapping her hands, talking to the elephant.)
(Aria)Bird: Hello!

(Artyom)Elephant: Hello! I'm an elephant. Look! I have a little nose. And you?
(Aria)Bird: Hello, Little Elephant! I’m Bird, I have beautiful wings, and I like to eat seeds.

(Artyom)Elephant: And what the crocodile eats?

(Aria)Bird: Go and ask the crocodile!
(Artyom)Elephant: And where he lives?
(Aria)Bird: (specifies the distance with wing) Near the big-big river. Go to the Limpopo River!
(Artyom)Elephant: Thank you! Goodbye!
(Aria)Bird: Goodbye!

(Rita)Narrator : Little Elephant was really wanted to see the crocodile, so he went to the river.

(The bird is flying away,and the elephant is moving around the stage (he is going to the river).A snake appears.)
(Atryom)Elephant: Oh, river! Excuse me, are you a crocodile?
(Amir)Snake: No, I'm a snake.I have long body and I like to eat insects.
(Atryom)Elephant: And where is the crocodile?
(The crocodile appears the snake points on it.)
(Amir)Snake: Look! He is in the water.
(The elephant is talking to the crocodile.)
(Atryom)Elephant: Hello, Crocodile! What do you eat for dinner?
(The crocodile lures the elephant to his ear and pretending, that he cannot hear him.)
(Rolan)Crocodile: Come here, Little Elephant. I can't hear you.
(The elephant is coming closely to the crocodile.)
(Atryom)Elephant: What do you eat for dinner?
(Rolan)Crocodile: Today I will eat a little elephant for dinner!
(The crocodile is grabbing elephant’s nose.)
(Atryom)Elephant: Let me go!
(each animal is appearing on stage and running up to the elephant)

All animals : Can I help you?
(Atryom)Elephant: Yes, please!
(all animals are grabbing the elephant and trying to help him)

Animals: Pull! Pull! Pull!
(Artyom)Elephant: Oh!
(The elephants nose stretches and the crocodile is realizing him. The crocodile is going out from stage.)
(Artyom)Elephant: (Disappointed talking to snake showing his trunk.) Now my nose is very-very long. What shall I do?
(Amir)Snake: It's a very good nose. You can eat bananas. You can eat grass.
(A snake specifying on the tree. The elephant is reaching up and taking some bananas.)
(Artyom)Elephant: Oh, I see. Thank you! Goodbye!
(Amir)Snake: Goodbye!
(Vika)Monkey: (shocked, talking to the giraffe, indicating on elephants)

Look! The little elephant!
(Samira)Giraffe: (shocked) He has a long nose!
(The elephant is talking to giraffe and monkey what he can do with his trunk.)
(Artyom)Elephant: Look, Monkey! I can eat bananas! Look, Giraffe! I can eat grass!
(Vika)Monkey: (Shocked and jealousy.) Oh, it's a very good nose!
(Samira)Giraffe: Who gave you the nose?
(Artyom)Elephant: The crocodile did!
(Vik)Monkey: (Talking to the giraffe.) Let's go to the crocodile. I want a long nose, too.
(Samira)Giraffe: OK, let's go. Goodbye, little elephant!
(The monkey and giraffe are going out from stage.)
(Artyom)Elephant: (Waving.) Goodbye!

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